GoAnimate: A Fun and Educational Way to Create!

What Is GoAnimate?

GoAnimate is a fun and creative way to turn a script or a story into an animated video! It’s a free website that requires no artistic talent. With GoAnimate, anyone from students to business associates can find a use for creating an animated video. GoAnimate offers a selection of templates, backgrounds, music, sounds, characters, and even languages or accents for your characters. You have the opportunity to type twenty lines of dialogue to create your story, or you can record your own voice for your characters! The step-by-step process is easy and there is a guided process that eliminates any confusion. When you are finished, GoAnimate creates a video for you which you can share and publish to any number of social media sites for everyone to see!

How Can This Be Used In The Classroom?

There is actually an entire subsection to GoAnimate called GoAnimate4Schools. Students and teachers can use this website and this application for classroom projects and incorporating technology into a lesson in order to spice it up and engage the students in their education. Here are several more uses for GoAnimate for schools:

  • Teacher/student presentations and lessons
  • Student-to-student tutorials
  • Foreign language or ESL training
  • Creative writing platform
  • Behavioral training (bullying awareness, etc.)
  • Communication and Special Cases (Autism, Asperger’s etc.)

Here are some more reasons for teachers to use GoAnimate for Schools:

  • Student videos cannot be found from the public internet
  • Student videos cannot be published publicly, without teacher approval
  • No integration with social networks
  • All characters, backgrounds, props, etc. are school-safe. Guns, alcohol, etc. are filtered out
  • Teachers have the option to pre-moderate – to evaluate student videos before allowing them to be published to the group
  • Teachers can divide the students into classes and/or workgroups
  • Student video distribution can be limited to the class/group from which they are published
  • A student can belong to more than one class/group (great for multiple-teacher or school-wide usage)

Teachers can also create a video as a hook or anticipatory set for their lesson plans, or even to teach simple concepts! It is a great way to capture students attention! This is a fantastic classroom application that teachers should absolutely try in their classrooms!

Check out this article on sixth graders using GoAnimate in the classroom!

Check out this article on sixth graders using GoAnimate in the classroom!

One thought on “GoAnimate: A Fun and Educational Way to Create!

  1. Do you have examples of videos created by students with Autism? Or contacts for teachers who have been using this technology with autistic populations? It sounds like something that could really motivate certain students.

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