Audience of One 90.2 FM: My Trials and Tribulations of Technology


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What is Audience of One 90.2 FM?

Audience of One 90.2 FM is the faux radio show broadcast I created with my colleague Lauren Wasilchuk for a college media literacy course this semester. We created the show around the topic of music and included a variety of segments that included listener call-ins with prizes, interviews with band members and local DJ’s, commercials promoting cafe’s with live music and open mic nights at the local college, as well as interviews with community members inquiring into their favorite artists. We also created a “Making Of” after show in which we explained our experiences and the process.

What preparation and work went into this project?

A lot! Lauren and I met up several times. Together, we created a script as we collaboratively shared our ideas for segments, characters, and lines. After creating the script, we chose sound effects and bumpers from and searched both our iTunes libraries for songs to add for transitions. We also selected videos from YouTube to record. After we had pieced together our broadcast, we recorded our show using the recording and editing program, Audacity.  It included a lot of time-consuming cutting, piecing together of clips, alterations, fade-ins, effects, and more.

What complications arose while working on this project?

Well for starters, the software program was a little tricky for us to navigate at first. It was mostly a trial and error type of experience. It took some time to learn how to cut portions of the  clips and how to select pieces to alter for effects such as slow motion. We also had a lot of difficulty figuring out how to insert music or sounds into the program. We utilized a series of tutorials as well to guide us along. We even ran into problems trying to upload the finished product to SoundCloud when we realized it didn’t accept Audacity files. Ultimately we had to upload it to iTunes. We also had difficulty stretching the radio show to meet the time requirements, so we unexpectedly had to create extra segments which were unscripted. To begin with, we were also a team member down! We only had two instead of three! Luckily we were able to make accommodations to make our broadcast shorter in length.


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4 thoughts on “Audience of One 90.2 FM: My Trials and Tribulations of Technology

  1. Your radio show was really interesting! I thought your use if sound effects was creative and interesting to listen to. I thought all the different voices also made the show fun to listen to. I think my favorite interview was with Teresa from Long Island Medium. I love that show, and I think you did a very amusing parody of it. You covered a lot of different things that normal radio shows do. I felt like I was actually listening to a real radio show. Kudos for pushing through despite the fact that you didn’t have 3 members. The voices definitely made the show!

  2. Great Job guys! Listening to your radio show felt very realistic and I definitely had some laughs! It must have been tough only having two members in your group! You both must have worked very hard to come up with ideas and make this show sound as great as it did!

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