Improving Reading Achievement in School with Lexia Reading Core5


Click to read this article on the Education Writers Association website about the introduction of Lexia Reading Core5

What is Lexia Reading Core5?

Lexia Reading Core5 is a technology-based product designed to help students from Pre Kindergarten through fifth grade master fundamental and foundational reading skills.  Lexia “provides explicit, systematic, personalized learning in the five areas of reading instruction, and delivers norm-referenced performance data and analysis without interrupting the flow of instruction to administer a test.” Lexia is also specifically designed to meet the Common Core Standards and is based on extensive research. Lexia Reading Core5’s purpose is to accelerate reading skill development. It also can predict students end of the year performance and supplies teachers with plans of action based on data that are personalized for each student.

Read this article to learn about personalized learning for students through Lexia Reading Core5.

Read this article to learn about personalized learning for students through Lexia Reading Core5.

What are the benefits of Lexia Reading Core5?

  • Provides the strategies and resources for direct instruction to help each student finish the year at grade level
  • Using teacher-directed, student-driven personalized learning
  • Students can work at home or at school to develop skills through learning activities
  • Students are automatically grouped by skill for small group instruction
  • Uses skill-specific instructional materials called Lexia Lessons, which provide step-by-step strategies for teachers to address students gap in a skill area
  • Teachers have access to a customized certificate of achievement to recognize student progress
  • Lexia reduces dependence on traditional testing and saves teachers up to one month of instructional time
  • Lexia Reading Core5 is available for the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, and allows for mobile access

click to learn how Lexia Reading Core5 helps students master fundamental reading skills.new_gains_chart4Click to read more about Lexia and how it has helped high-risk students.

How do I learn more about Lexia Reading Core5?

This video will give you an extensive overview of all the components of this technology-based reading improvement product.

4 thoughts on “Improving Reading Achievement in School with Lexia Reading Core5

  1. Rachael, I really like how you went beyond the scope of our secondary ed. age group and looked into the benefits of technology for younger students. This app seems to be very useful and easily accessible. Also, I like how you tied it all back to the Common Core State Standards. By doing this, you have gone beyond the discussion of technological relevance, and prove that students and teachers are fulfilling standards. The chart that proves the closing of the reading gap as a result of using this tool also enhances and validates your discussion. Wonderful post!

  2. I must say, I am impressed. It is important to be aware of how our future students are acquiring the English language. Even more importantly, as possible future parents, being aware of this technology and tool could really benefit our children’s language skills development. As Molly stated, it is remarkable that it is specifically designed to meet the Common Core Standards. Students can even use Lexia Reading Core5 at home to reinforce good language habits!

  3. Rachael,
    I want to suggest this to my mom. She teaches 3rd grade and this would be a great resource for her classroom. This would also be great to help those students who have trouble making the jump to middle school. I think we forget that there can be reading issues at ever level, and this is a good way to help those students. If some students are embarrassed about being behind in reading, they can do this at home to improve on their own without having to tell other students. We sometimes forget how many options are out there that can help students. This website is one that I will keep in mind when I begin teaching.

  4. I think any technology that will help kids progress with their learning at home is wonderful! In my opinion receiving some extra help from home instead of in a classroom reduces stress for me, which is great for kids who might feel pressured or embarrassed. This program really seems helpful for both students and teachers!

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