Prezi: A Valuable Classroom Tool


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What Is Prezi?

Prezi is a free and user-friendly presentation tool used to both share and organize ideas. Prezi is like PowerPoint except that it doesn’t use traditional slides. It’s defined as a continuous canvas in which you can add text, video, images, audio, and more. There is a wheel which gives students the options of adding colors, fonts, words, and animations in their Prezi to zoom in on a specific element of the presentation.

Why Use Prezi?

Prezi is an exciting visual option to engage students as opposed to pouring over a lifeless textbook. It’s a dynamic way to share a story and is engaging and easy to understand. It’s multimodal and caters to visual, auditory, linguistic, and even kinesthetic learners. It’s an excellent option for organizers as well. It can even be used as a tool for authentic learning because students from across the world can work on Prezi’s collaboratively. Prezi’s can also be conveniently shared and created on mobile devices. Students and teachers can use Prezi to display diagrams and concept charts, and even timeliness. There are a multitude of options and opportunities to learn and present information with Prezi. The interface allows students to explore their creativity in a non-linear way.

This video demonstrates students working on their Prezi’s in class and gives some examples of how they can utilize them to display information on various topics.

What Are Some Ways To Use Prezi In The Classroom?

  • Use as a Mind Map (a diagram used to represent words, tasks, ideas linked to a central idea or word)
  • Use for vocabulary lessons in which you include the word, an image, and definition
  • Use for graphic organizers
  • Use for global collaboration (with other students across the globe)
  • Use to make adverts
  • Use to upload documents for class discussion (the zoom feature makes focusing on one portion of text easy)


Click to read this article on some ways to use Prezi in early education classrooms


4 thoughts on “Prezi: A Valuable Classroom Tool

  1. This technology tool could definitely be useful in the classroom. Powerpoint is so overused these days that having a new version of this, one that’s entertaining and interesting to utilize, more students will become engaged in the activity and work they’re doing. From the video you’ve posted, it really looks like the students are engaged in their assignment while using their Prezi. This is a great article, thanks for posting about this new tool!

  2. Prezi looks so cool! I would definitely use it as a teacher, and have my students use it. It just looks so much more fun and interesting than old boring powerpoint presentations. Thanks for posting about Prezi, it’s definitely something I’m going to look into!

  3. Rachael! Prezi really is a great presentation tool. I really like how you mention that students, too, can be using it (not just for the teachers). I love Prezi, it is really engaging; definitely works to capture and hold the attention of the viewer- beats Power Point in that aspect. Also, great use of the video, it brings your whole blog to life and validates everything you are mentioning. Love it!

  4. Rachel,
    One of my former teachers has constantly raved about Prezi, and encouraged us to check it out. I continued to write it down in my planner but when it came down to it I simply did not have time. I am very thankful that you shared this with us, because Prezi really seems like an awesome tool! I loved the idea of using it for vocabulary, and think it would work great in Junior High. The reason I think Junior High might be better than high school is because a lot of the academic words might be hard to find pictures for. I am not elementary certified but that would work even better in elementary school! I also think this tool is great because of the different learning styles it applies to. As a teacher I think this would be an effective resource because say you ask students to present a Prezi as their study tool, simply making the Prezi is already a form of demonstrating understanding, beginning their study before even re-watching it!

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