Utilizing Edmodo In The classroom


Click to view this blog post about middle school teacher, Lisa Butler and why she uses Edmodo in her classroom.

What is Edmodo?

Edmodo is a program with a layout very similar to Facebook in which students can collaborate and complete coursework. Teachers have the options to post assignments, polls, and quizzes as well as discussion boards and grades for their students. Students and teachers can comment on posts to provide their thoughts and feedback. There are also apps available for Android and iOS devices so that students can have instant accessibility.


Click for more images of the Edmodo template.

What are the benefits of Edmodo for teachers and students?

Using Edmodo can help capture student’s attention and create an exciting atmosphere. It also has the crucial  benefit for teachers of less paperwork and easy organization at their fingertips, and even eliminates the possibility of students misplacing their homework. Using Edmodo also disolves the need to waste paper by printing out assignments. There is the option of a parental account for teachers to communicate and update them on their child’s progress. This allows parents to feel connected with their child’s academics. Edmodo also allows students to interact and become familiar with technology. It is easy to use because it is designed like Facebook, which most youth frequently use.

What are some ways to use Edmodo in the classroom?

  • Create a group where students can post articles or blogs about a current event in the news. Have students comment and discuss their students discoveries.
  • Create a pen pal group in which students can write to students from another class and collaboratively complete assignments and activities.
  • Use Edmodo as an online book club and discuss the literature with other classes.

For more ideas on how to utilize Edmodo in the classroom, read 7 Brilliant Ways To Use Edmodo That Will Blow Your Mind and the additional article, 15 more Brilliant Ways To Use Edmodo.


5 thoughts on “Utilizing Edmodo In The classroom

  1. Wow, this is actually really cool! With students always on Facebook today, having a site that resembles it but for educational purposes would really encourage them to do work. This is a great way to integrate technology into the classroom. I also really like how the parents can see and be notified of the child’s grades and their progress in class. Parents are always complaining that the internet is no longer safe but here they can clearly see how their child is doing. This site definitely helps with reducing the paper use, which is a big problem for schools everywhere. Schools are constantly trying to get kids to recycle their papers, but with their work being online, it allows for less pollution in the school. This is such a great idea, I hope I can use this in the future with my students. Thanks for sharing this cool article!

  2. I am glad you took the time to explain Edmodo. I saw it mentioned in an article about good websites to use in a classroom, but I didn’t know much about it. This would be a great way to integrate technology in the classroom. I could see this being used for a project about character analysis. The students could make one for a character they are assigned to with different things that the character might like and whatnot. I also like the ideas you suggested about using it to connect other classrooms and using it as a book club. This way students can contact other students who enjoy what they enjoy.

  3. I have actually had to use Edmodo is one of my education classes. You did a good job explaining it. This would be a good website to use in the classroom because it is very user friendly and it does resemble Facebook which I think can be helpful. Something as simple as this website can be beneficial in the classroom and is another way to introduce technology into the classroom.

  4. Rachel, I really enjoyed your topic of the Edmodo website, and would definitely consider this sort of source in my future classroom. One of the most significant aspects of this source for me as a present student, and future teacher of students like myself, is the aspect that does not allow students to misplace their homework. Recently, I have been using Google Docs, which seems to have the same type of built in internet drive as Edmodo. Through personal use, I have noticed the connivence of the internet sites such as this. Great find Rachel, thank you!

  5. Rachel, this seems like a really useful site. The name sounds really familiar. Kim’s post was about an app similar to this site in many ways, including the Facebook-inspired layout. I like how you mentioned students could have pen pal groups between classes. Not that this pertains to ELA, but I was supposed to have a French pen pal, but it never happened because it was too hard for the school to collaborate with one all the way in France/Canada- I wonder if Edmodo could foster communication internationally! Multiliteracies building through multimodality? I think so!

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